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An Open DID Protocol for Bitcoin Socialverse: Empowering Users with Royalties, Liquidity, and Composability.

Be One of the Billion Embracing DID on BTC.

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BRC-137 Genesis Rocks

Total Supply: 21

The Genesis Rock is a set of on-chain BRC137-DELEGATOR assets compatible with the BTC NFT protocol, with a limited issuance of 21. Those holding BRC137-DELEGATOR assets qualify to become Delegators within the BRC137 ecosystem.

Delegators can collect user operations, aggregate them, and batch them onto the bitcoin blockchain, thus significantly reducing the cost of using DIDs. In return, delegators can profit by charging users lower fees than bitcoin transaction fees, earning a margin in the process.

BRC-137 Inscription Book

Total Supply: 21,000

Crucial role in carrying social relationships and connecting individuals, akin to the top-level domain suffix. The Inscription Book, serving as BRC137-TLD assets, works together with BRC137-DID assets. Individuals holding BRC137-DID can combine with multiple BRC137-TLDs to create different names. It provides organizations and communities with a way to identify themselves and establish their own brand, offering high flexibility and fluidity.